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Sr. Enrique Martinez

Spanish Classical Dressage

Enrique Martinez of Monte Cristo Equestrian Center in Maple Park, Illinois was classically trained by Don Joaquin Miranda Goncalves, The Master of the Horse to the Portuguese Royal Family and student of the Mirandas School with Nuno Oliverira. Enrique has spent time in Spain, Germany, Holland and Mexico training with the masters.  His greatest teachers have been his grandfather and Don Luis Laro.  Enrique combines Classical European training with today’s modern rider.

Enrique brings his elevated level of expertise and knowledge of the Baroque horse to his students.  What sets Enrique apart from other trainers is his ability to deeply relate to horse and rider to get them both to excel.  Often we put limitations on ourselves.  Enrique sees through this and manages to help you go beyond your current skills.  He does this by methods from the Classical School of Riding, teaching you to understand your horse and yourself as a rider.  Pushing you beyond what you believe you can do.  This brings out the best in you and your horse.  Come experience the difference.

Specializing in the Friesian Horse and the Baroque Breeds as well as any other breed and student willing to step up their education!


Here is what some past students have said about Enrique:

“He gives you exercises that will not only challenge you but will also dramatically improve your horse if done consistently. I highly recommend attending one of his clinics. The knowledge you gain is well worth the time and effort” - Sharon

“His is truly gifted in his ability to evaluate potential then bring out the best in the horses he trains.

His patience and persistence has enabled him to reach horses others have deemed non- trainable.

One of his greatest attributes is his willingness to share his talent and skill with students. “ -
Troy Ferguson

“When I first saw Enrique's training techniques and his love for horses, I was so impressed with

everything he was demonstrating. So impressed, I wanted Enrique to give my Tennessee Walking

Horse a try. This is a breed he has never trained in the High School Techniques and Trick

Training. As a result, Enrique has made great progress with her and we are now working on the

Spanish Walk. I am so thankful to have found Enrique as he gives his best for horse and rider.” - Wendy Stine

Please come and visit us at our new location in Maple Park Illinois!

Monte Cristo Equestrian Center
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